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Over the centuries humans have created amazing art pieces that have lasted through time and bad weather, inspiring us as gift from history. The Glyphs collection was created to offer the customer a versatile solution, with clean lines but a deeply evocative character. Almost like in a modern grimoire, it will be possible to choose from time to time the colors, the symbols and the rhythm with which to compose the desired wall decorations, generating dynamic and never banal sensations.

The three-dimensional effect, generated by the reliefs of the decorated tiles, leads us through the echoes of the history of architecture: bringing to mind petroglyphs of past eras, sacred wall decorations from ancient Egypt, from Mesoamerican cultures, to complete a dance intended for lead us to the twentieth-century experiments of Frank Lloyd Wright, as in the case of Ennis House.

The light lithic texture present inside each tile therefore takes on a double value, aesthetic and symbolic: on one hand it contributes to the increase of dynamism of the entire composition, while on the other it acts as a link with the historical and mythical context from which draws inspiration. The combination of dimensions, shape and colors proposed ensure that no installation is ever the same as another.


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