La Fibra

A white canvas to let you express
the desire of art

A White Canvas To Let You Express
The Desire Of Art

Our idea of creativity.

La Fibra is a porcelain fiber material that can be easily cut into any size, and can showcase virtually any kind of color and design thanks to the digital cold printing technique. Thinner and lighter than the usual porcelain tiles, it's available at 3.5mm or 2mm thickness, creating a product that is light enough to be easily installed virtually anywhere, making it a perfect decorative solution not only for wall coverings, but also furniture and even ceiling installations. La Fibra can also be easily bent and folded without any disruption to the graphics, allowing for a 3D effect to the designs; this opens up a wider range of possibilities, where the creative eye is not limited by the material anymore, but rather amplified by it.

Starting from 3.5mm thickness, this porcelain based material is extremely light and easy to manage, making installation easier than it has ever been, suitable for walls, ceiling and even furniture installations
Any Pantone, Ral, RGB or CMYK color can be printed on the support, to reach the best brightness and quality that technology can achieve today
The lightness of the material allows a new unique freedom of creativity. It can be bent and folded without any disruption to the graphics, allowing a 3D effect to the designs.
The entire production is respectful of the most strict rules to be environmentally safe, making sure to follow up the guidelines on global safety
Cold digital printing offers endless possibilities in terms of achievable designs. Our porcelain fiber is like a blank canvas where virtually any color can be applied.
The required quantity for tailor made material is minimal, making so that everybody can create their own unique graphic

You can choose from the Pantone catalogue for your project, or choose from the shades that we have selected as our approved color palettes, following the trend of the market.

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