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La Fornace


There is an innate sense of pleasure in seeking and finding comfort for ourselves. Whether that comfort is a physical or mental state of being, feeling comfortable means being in a place where we can feel at ease, where we can rejuvenate ourselves and revel in a lack of stress and negative feelings. Comfort is a goal for many of us - finding that thing that allows us to escape from the stressful things happening around us and experience soothing moments. It can be a song, a person, even a physical place – it doesn’t matter what it is, only how it makes us feel in the moment.

We designed the Comfort range keeping in mind the idea to bring a level of solace in every space, to help you create the environment that will best fill the need of your soul. Handmade terracotta in beautiful neutral colors that will fit the taste of everyone, because no single human thinks and feels the same, and comfort can mean different things to each and every single one of us.

The range is designed to fit a simple, traditional aesthetic, giving warmth and texture to any wall. With a thickness of only 15 millimeters, it is designed specifically to be installed on walls, this handmade terracotta is the perfect choice for backsplashes or wall features, with a look that is inherently timeless. With a color palette of 8 beautiful, neutral colors, and a selection of 6 different shapes, from the simplicity of listello to the more extravagant of provenzale, anyone can find the solution that best fit their taste.

All the colors in our palette are designed to perfectly complement each other, so that you can create blended or monochromatic looks in harmony. We wanted to think of every possible solution to not only create our perfect idea of comfort, but also every possible solution of comfort, because feeling the best should be for everyone



7 x 30 x 1,5 cm


7,5 x 20x 1,5 cm
7,5 x 26x 1,5 cm
total lenght


edge 13cm
edge 19cm


edge 13cm
edge 10cm
edge 19cm


edge 5 cm
+ white tozzetto


height 22,5cm

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