La Fornace


There is nothing simple in our world, nothing that can be seen as just one thing. We live in a world that is colorful and complex, varied in all its ways, a kaleidoscope of shades mixing together to create the beautiful landscapes that we get to experience everyday. The different shades of colors are just as much part of our environment as any living being, from the various skin colors of human to the unlimited combinations of fur, skin, scales in the animal kingdom. Each living being is different and just as beautiful as any other, and the difference only highlights the quality of what makes it special from the others

The Sfumature collection wants to be a representation of the beauty of color in terracotta. Presenting not a single hue but rather a selection of shades for each color, we created five different selections, each one inspired by the colors that can be found in one type of animal representing one species: mammals, reptiles, insects, birds and fishes.

This allowed us to design a range of colors that, combined with the glazed finish of the terracotta pieces, create a dynamic yet cohesive installation, where each piece is a slight variation from the other but nevertheless connected, creating blends of colors that feel part of a whole rather than separated

Presenting a great shade variation with different touch sensations, each blend is made up of different shades not individually available, but only as a blend as a whole.


55 x 260 mm

Color Palette

Available only as a blend and not as individual shades

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