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The unexpected love at first sight, that inexplicable drive that leads us to identify shapes amongst shapeless objects: a familiar face, a fantastic landscape, an object of common use. Through the experience of pareidolia we can become children once again, rediscover the hidden life of things, letting our minds freely guide both eyes and hands; drawing lines and shapes with thought, graphic signs, expressions of an inner feeling and not by following an analytical vision of reality.

Rediscovering what it’s like being a child also means immersing yourself in the World of Stains, without prejudices and obsessions, no matter if the stains belong to paint between the fingers, tomato sauce on a white shirt or splashes of mud after a breathtaking race, as long as it’s companionship in moments of freedom. Through this, we can populate an entire world with creatures of our imagination, transforming a simple silhouette into a dragon, a flower or an airplane.

It is by thinking of these feelings that the Hirameki collection came to life, beginning with the need to free the mind, rediscover ourselves prey to a pleasant and distracted wander, attentive to the reality that surrounds us, without wanting to become prey of our worries. The soft and natural colors, along with the gentle shapes of the backgrounds, blend into the finely weaved canva, in an almost imperceptible way, revealing new figures with the help of our eyes and minds.

Presenting two different variations, with and without Sketches, this range creates beautiful backsplashes that are perfect for any kind of environment, thanks to the neutral grey of the background and the delicate shades of each color composition.


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